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    A Look at the Damage Caused by Gypsy Moths

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Introduced to North America in 1869, the gypsy moth didn’t make its way to New Jersey until the second half of the 20th century. Once it spread to Warren County and the surrounding area, however, it was only a matter of months before the gypsy moth caterpillar became a household name.

    Notorious for cleaning trees of their leaves almost as quickly as a few autumn freezes, the gypsy moth can inflict considerable damage. A full-scale gypsy moth attack may not kill a tree, but it leaves the tree vulnerable to further attacks and a range of diseases.

    When it comes to choosing its prey, the gypsy moth caterpillar does not discriminate. Deciduous trees and evergreens alike are fair game, and both types should be treated and monitored for activity. Since gypsy moth caterpillars come to life in the spring, emerging from eggs laid on the branches and trunks of free, late winter is the best time of year to prepare your defeses. To arrange to have a skilled and experienced New Jersey tree professional make your property uninhabitable for the headache-causing gypsy moth and other irritating tree pests, call Action Tree Service at (908) 315-5398.

    Preparing Your Trees for Colder Weather

    Last updated 1 year ago

    As far as home improvement is concerned, the onset of winter is accompanied by a great deal of responsibility for the average New Jersey homeowner. Treating and covering swimming pools, storing outdoor furniture, insulating pipes, and sweeping chimneys are just a few of the winter preparation tasks that come to mind. If you happen to have trees on your property, especially young ones, you should also set aside some time for winterizing your trees by taking the following precautions.

    A couple of decades ago, a bundled up tree was a peculiar sight. Today, the efficacy of the practice having been proven, it is fairly commonplace. Wrap especially young and thin-barked trees with plastic tree guards in order to deter pests from chewing on their bark and prevent it from splitting in the cold weather.

    Mulch is essentially a three-in-one organic tree care solution, and its presence is especially beneficial during the winter. Hire a tree service professional to apply a thin layer of mulch and you will: 1) insulate tree roots, protecting them from freeze damage, 2) promote moisture retention, keeping the bit of water that your trees do get this time of year from promptly evaporating, and 3) deter pests from attacking your trees.

    As your knuckles, elbows, lips, and heels have likely informed you, New Jersey tends to be much dryer in the winter than it is in the summertime. If you have any evergreen trees on your property, you can protect them by spraying their leaves with an anti-transpirent coating and watering them more frequently than you do during the humid summer.

    If you run into any trouble while winterizing the trees on your Warren or Morris County property, remember that you are not alone. Action Tree Service, with more than three decades of experience, provides a full range of tree care services at competitive prices. To arrange to have one of our tree service experts prepare your trees for the cooler weather, call (908) 315-5398.

    The Importance of Mulch

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Mulch, a generally organic material that can be sprinkled over soil as a form of protection or an appeal to aesthetics, is one of the most cost-effective and natural means through which you can enhance the quality of your trees’ lives. To learn more about the benefits of using mulch in your lawn and garden, check out this educational video clip.

    In the video, horticulturalist Michael Clark discusses the various advantages associated with mulching over soil in a yard: protection against temperature extremes, moisture retention, pest repellent, and source of nutrients. Some types of mulch are better than others for certain applications, but almost all forms of mulch offer these benefits.

    Adding a layer of mulch to your lawn is a service that an Action Tree Service tree care professional can do efficiently and at little expense. To arrange to have a professional lay mulch on your Somerset or Warren County property, call (908) 315-5398.

    How to Care for Your Trees in the Winter

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Winter weather has settled over New Jersey, and humans and pets aren’t the only residents who will struggle to cope with the freezing temperatures that hit the state throughout the next several months. If you have trees on your New Jersey property, keeping them alive and well this winter may require just a bit of tender loving care on your part. Essential steps to caring for trees when the weather is cooler include:

    Continue to Water
    Dormant trees are, thankfully, not dead trees. They do not require a great deal of sustenance, but they do need the occasional drink of water to help them brave the long, cold winter months. Keep watering the trees on your property, but do it only when the temperature is well above freezing. Take advantage of unseasonably warm weather by taking the time to go outside and water your trees whenever it arrives.

    Prune Trees
    Winter is an ideal time for tree pruning because the lack of leaves on deciduous trees makes their branches highly visible. Once your trees have gone into dormancy for the season, scour them for dead or intrusive branches, neatly clipping them away from your trees’ structure.

    Apply Mulch
    A small layer of mulch can go a long way during the winter season, insulating tree roots and helping the soil around the bases of trees retain moisture. Leave a small space between the mulch and each tree trunk to both deter rodents and make inspecting for rodent damage easier.

    Wrap Youngsters
    Especially susceptible to cold stress and frost damage, young trees require special care during the wintertime. To protect young and fragile trees on your property, cover them with plastic guards or tree blankets until spring arrives.

    If you do not have the time and energy required to provide your trees with the care they need to comfortably survive this winter, you need not worry. Serving Somerset, Union, Warren, Morris, and Essex counties, Action Tree Service offers precise and effective tree pruning and mulch application services. To speak with one of our experienced tree service experts today, call (908) 315-5398.

    Dangers of Not Properly Pruning Your Trees

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Pruning offers your trees a number of benefits. In fact, not properly pruning your trees can cause a number of problems, and even concerns for both safety and property. Untamed branches can rub on the surface of a house, causing damage to the fascia or even the roof. When branches cross over one another, the tree can split open and invite insects and disease. Pruning a tree also helps tree experts get a better idea of the health of your tree. Unkempt trees will become weak due to the amount of energy they spend growing around broken and dead branches, which increases their susceptibility to contracting diseases and pests. Furthermore, large and improperly pruned branches put a tree at greater risk for storm damage and tree crowns.

    At Action Tree Service of New Jersey we offer quality tree pruning, pest control, mulching and other landscaping services for a great value. Visit our website to see how we can improve the health and look of your yard. And if you have any questions, call us at (908) 315-5398.

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